PRESS RELEASE – Economy Class and Beyond to abandon all spell and grammar checkers – Economy Class & Beyond


  • Faster posts will come out
  • More annoying edits
  • Well make some people scream.

In a move to make people less happy than normal, Economy Class and Beyond will abandon any illusion of using grammar and spell checkers in an effort to improve time-relevant information.

Writer, editor, reporter, photographer, engineer, coffee maker and whatever else the blog demands that day Kevin states:

“For far too long, I’ve been nice to the people who whine at my spelling and grammar, even though I’m mildly dyslexic. Besides, who has time for these green squiggles and red things when editing?

Besdies have you ever tried sending stuff between WordPress, Word, Excel, Pages and whatever plug-in is flavour of the week. It only ends in one way… and it’s never good.

It’s time to take stand. To stand up for those who are dyslexic, but want content in a hurry. Like curry in a hurry.

Mmm. Curry.”

At Economy Class and Beyond, we strive to deliver the best content possible – but even after trying tools like Grammarly (which broke the blog so badly it was embarrassing), we try to deliver our content as best as possible using the tools we have in so little time.

Combined with our back office team of zero people and sometimes powered by Starbucks coffee, this is surely

For those who continue to moan, we are offering a free membership to the “Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation” – valid between the 1st April 2017 for 12 hours (00:00 to 11:59BST). An example of the membership is shown below.

Meanwhile for those who can handle grammar errors, and actually prefer the story that they can read, at Economy Class and Beyond we try to engage with the passenger experience stories and analyse the latest trends to give you the best Passenger Intelligence.


Economy Class and Beyond writes about the Passenger Experience and Passenger Intelligence – as well as a dash of points and miles.

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  • Passenger Experience – The experience you and me have when travel – be it airports, Wi-Fi in planes, seats .
  • Passenger Intelligence – Giving you the intelligence to make decisions when you travel – in terms of products, routes and planes
  • Miles and Points – Applying the Passenger Experience and Intelligence

Writer and Editor Kevin Marshall writes about the world around him and concentrates it into easy to understand form – even if it’s got a few spelling or grammar mistakes in it.

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