Microsoft Editor Loses Out To Grammarly As The Best Online Grammar Checker – HeadlinePlus Press Release Distribution

Grammarly outsmarts Microsoft Editor to become the number one grammar checker tool. The grammar checker continues to beat Microsoft Editor as the best grammar checker on the market.

One of the biggest names in computing software, a company that is worth $1 Trillion is finding it hard to compete against a company that was only founded in 2009. Microsoft, that was founded by Bill Gates in April 1975 is struggling to compete against Grammarly with their grammar tool Microsoft Editor.

Microsoft Editor which is an AI-powered tool that helps users with spelling and grammar in Word is failing to have the same success in helping people to write better than Grammarly. Bill Gates grammar checker was the only real grammar checker tool available to help clean up a person’s writing.

When Microsoft Editor was launched, it was seen as the perfect writing accessory to remove errors and improve writing. However, Microsoft has failed to keep up with what people want and need, and instead of improving their software, they continue to rely on their reputation instead of moving forward and with the times.

While Microsoft Editor has stayed still and is now seen as just an average writing accessory, Grammarly has overtaken it as the preferred writing tool with lots of exciting features. Bill Gates’s writing tool is more of a bonus than it is a Grammarly competitor. By comparing the tool grammar check tools together, it is obvious there are only one winner and only one of them that truly helps to improve the output of a person’s writing.

To put it simply, Grammarly does it best. The preferred writing tool has an assistant that improves the writing by helping with conciseness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. It goes through the whole document and works with the user to provide an excellent masterpiece. It will remove all the errors and provide positive suggestions that will allow the content to look and sound more professional.

While Microsoft Editor continues to stand still, Grammarly continues to develop to provide those that enjoy writing or need to write for work with one of the most powerful writing tools available.

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