Free Grammar Checker 2021 – Compare to Grammarly

  • An incredible tool that detects and fixes errors in multiple languages
  • The online grammar checking service works seamlessly
  • Paid versions offer a lot of extra and useful features

  • No support for mobile
  • No support for browser extensions
  • The free version offers very few features

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SpellCheckPlus Grammar Check

SpellCheckPlus Grammar CheckOne of the cheapest available options, SpellCheckPlus Pro is the premium version of the online grammar-checking tool, SpellCheckPlus. The tool does a decent job of detecting various types of errors in your writings. It is an online-only grammar checking tool, however, which means that you have to copy and paste your content into the online tool and then let it analyze your text for errors. The pro version does several things better than its free version. It offers suggestions for the detected errors, removes ads, and lets you input as much text as you want, compared to the free version that will only check 2000 characters for you at a time. It also increases the workspace size and lets you maximize the editor and online grammar checker to the size of your browser window. Individual license currently costs $15 and the site claims that more features will be introduced into the pro version as well.


  • Online-only grammar checking tool
  • One-week trial period
  • Easy to get started with once you have paid for your pro account

SpellCheckPlus Pro seems to be lacking in a number of areas. Its pro version is still behind the free versions of the other grammar checking tools we’ve mentioned on this list. The online tool doesn’t retain the original formatting of the document when you paste it into the online editor, which can cause more problems than it fixes.


  • Online only, so you can log in to your pro account and use it from anywhere
  • Inexpensive

  • Error detection needs improvement
  • Does not retain document formatting
  • Despite being online, the tool does not check what you write on the web

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Hemingway App

Hemingway App Grammar Check

Hemingway App Grammar CheckHemingway App is quite an extraordinary grammar checking tool. It is an online service as well as a desktop app that can analyze your writing skills and assess the readability level of what you’ve written. After analyzing your written text, the tool provides you with a readability score, which describes the clarity of your text and how readable it is. The higher the rating you get, the easier your document will be to understand for the readers. This is an ideal tool for writers that want to improve the readability of their content.


  • Detects the number of adverbs used
  • Detects the use of passive voice
  • Provides simpler alternatives for complicated sentences

The free version is available online and works quite well. You can purchase a lifetime membership in around $19. What you need to keep in mind about Hemingway is that it isn’t your average grammar-checking tool. It focuses on the readability of your content and your writing style. Editing the highlighted areas can be as quick as click and fix, or applying your own corrections to the errors. Hemingway does not, however, fix grammar or spelling errors, it only helps improve the readability, clarity, and overall writing style.


  • Detailed analysis of text
  • Points out flaws and errors to improve readability
  • Gives a score based on readability that determines the readability and clarity levels

  • It is not a grammar or spell check tool
  • It does not offer a mobile version or browser extensions

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Why Grammar is Important?

Here are some of the many reasons why grammar is so important. When talking to a person with bad or incorrect grammar, or even someone that does not spell properly, it instantly influences our opinion of their competence. In our professional dealings throughout the day, spelling and grammar are important factors that enable us to form our perceptions and opinions of the people we interact with. If you see an advert for an exciting new product with bad grammar or spelling, it would instantly make you lose interest in that product completely.

While Google has never openly or clearly admitted to it, grammar and correct spelling is also an important factor in SEO and page rankings. Matt Cutts, former head of the webspam team at Google, very clearly said[8] that he has noticed how the ability to spell correlates well with a website’s ranking. Reputable sites and pages have error-free content while websites with lower rankings are often the ones that have content full of spelling and grammatical errors.

The answer from Bing’s senior product manager, Duane Forrester, is much clearer in this case. In Bing’s blog[9], he very clearly states, “… just as you’re judging others’ writing, so the search engines judge yours. If you struggle to get past typos, why would an engine show a page of content with errors higher in the rankings when other pages of error free content exist to serve the searcher? Like it or not, we’re judged by the quality of the results we show. So, we are constantly watching the quality of the content we see.”

This makes it quite clear that spelling and grammar directly or indirectly do influence a page’s ranking in the search engine results. Another reason to take spelling and grammar seriously is formal writing. In business and your professional dealings, you do not have the liberty of communicating with bad grammar or incorrect spelling. Content writers, especially, are often required by their clients to write content that is free from all errors and plagiarism. And while you might be quite the expert in proofreading your own documents yourself, a mistake or two can go unnoticed sometimes. Contrarily, you might not be aware of the mistake you’ve made, and it might not even get pointed out by MS Word’s spell check.

A grammar and spell checker solves all these issues for you. There are a huge number of grammar checking tools available on the Internet, each offering their distinct features and price plans. And while you might not be so sure about whether or not you need such a tool in your life, you will be glad you made the decision of getting one when you finally do.

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Our Criteria for Evaluation

We have reviewed each of the seven tools on this list in detail and have touched upon their best features as well as their shortcomings. Each grammar checker has been evaluated and assessed based on the levels of accuracy, ease of use, performance, and value for money that they offer in their paid versions.

Customer support is also an important factor that we have taken into consideration, and that is why grammar checking tools with higher customer satisfaction rates and better customer support have also ranked higher on this list.

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How to Pick the Perfect Grammar Checking Tool for You

Before we head onto our detailed list of the seven best grammar checker tools, here are some tips and thoughts on how you can make the right choice when you finally decide to get a grammar-checking tool for your use. Every tool on our compiled list will offer different features and functionalities. Some have both free and paid versions, while others don’t have a non-paid version, to begin with. Depending on your use, you might be satisfied with a computer only tool, or maybe you will need a browser extension and a mobile app as well.

While some tools on this list won’t be as thorough with their checking, others will offer much more detailed grammar and spelling correction capabilities. If you only want to get rid of typos and grammatical errors in official emails and formal documents you might make from time to time, then the lower-end grammar tools or the free versions of most tools will be good enough for you. However, if writing makes up an important part of your job or the importance of error-free content is much higher for you as a professional, then don’t be afraid to dish out a few dollars a month for a paid plan or subscription.

The higher level of precision and accuracy, as well as advanced features, offered in the paid versions of these tools, will significantly improve the quality of your work and writings. Professional content writers, for example, rely heavily on what they write for their earnings. Paying a few dollars a month will not only improve the quality of their content but also allow them to use additional tools like plagiarism checkers that come with it.

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Each of the seven tools mentioned on this list has their own unique set of offerings. While some of these might be lacking in some areas, they make up for it where their counterparts fall behind. The purpose of providing a detailed assessment of the features as well as the pros and cons of each tool has been to enable you to assess your own needs and make the choice that suits you best.

An option easier on your pocket might not be good enough to detect all the errors and mistakes if you write technical content or something complex. On the other hand, a tool may be offering great features and support but might also be too expensive for you to afford. Therefore, we suggest that you take your time and go through each of the features mentioned on this list. By weighing the pros and cons and value for money provided by each tool, you will be able to make the right choice depending on your particular writing needs.



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